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Gran on Florida defense, scripting plays, unselfish receivers

Benny Snell will be looking for holes in Florida’s run defense Saturday night. (Vicky Graff Photo)

Here is some of what offensive coordinator Eddie Gran said after UK’s practice Monday:

What Florida defensive weakness they can take advantage of: “In this league I don’t see a lot of their weaknesses. We’re gonna have to create some stuff to get some yards whether that be formationally or just coming off and whipping somebody’s tail. This is an SEC game. I look at last year and it wasn’t so hot. It’s about execution. We talked about it last week: Make simple better. The cliché, it’s always about us, and we’re gonna have to finish. We’re gonna have to compete. And we’re doing that right now. We’re playing at a high level, meaning our intensity, we’re giving effort. When you do that you have a chance.”

Do they script plays: “Yes. Yes we do. Every game. Fifteen to 20 plays. A lot of the times it’s maybe giving them different formations maybe that they haven’t seen, maybe different personnel groupings and then that way as we’re charting upstairs, we’re finding out how they’re lining up to certain things.”

Do they script the start of both halves: “First half, but then I have somebody charting and seeing what went well. And then we have stuff for the second half that we didn’t show that we always have prepared.”

On unselfish receivers and who he credits for that attitude: “Right now, Juice (Garrett Johnson) was our player of the game and he made three big plays on third down, but he’s playing unbelievably like coach said, unselfish. He’s down, he’s digging out guys, he’s blocking his tail off. I think they’ve bought in to what we do. And I think we had nine different receivers catch the ball. And that’s this offense. Some guys are going to get more some days and not the next. And the bottom line in this game is this game is not statistics. It’s all about winning.”

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