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Guest post: Lucy pulled the ball away again and Kentucky got its butt beat again

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Vaught’s note: David White is a long-time — and logical — UK fan who is frustrated and heartbroken today. Enjoy his vent — because he knew Mark Buerger would not give him enough time on WLAP (630 AM) this morning to share it all.


Listening to you guys on WLAP this morning.’s still frustrating this morning…
I’ve said it before, Kentucky fans are like Charlie Brown trying to kick the football. We’re gullible enough to believe we are going to reach our goal this time, but once again, Lucy (UF, fill in your favorite heartbreak) pulls the ball away and we end up on our butts  again!
Despite the unforgivable gaffs with leaving guys completely uncovered TWICE (both times after time outs!!), I think this game was lost when we went 3 and out after an interception.  That was a huge momentum swing in our favor.  We had the chance to bury UF, and maintain 60,000 fans in a frenzy.  Instead, we spinelessly hand the ball off and have a gutless three plays.  Throw it deep there for goodness sakes! 
Instead we settle for a field goal.  I noted the score at that point 27-14, did the math, and realized then we would lose 28-27.
Left too many points unscored.  How many bad snaps do we need to have to replace a center with the yips?  In his defense, the snaps were better, but it took, what – 5 or 6 before it got corrected.  
Game seemed to be too intense for our coaches.’s not like there’s a genius on the other sideline.  Sad — what a lost opportunity.
Guessing tickets will be a lot easier to find next week. 
How long before we find ourselves running toward Lucy holding the ball again?  It’s gonna be a long time for me.
Thanks for letting me vent..


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  1. Bad coaching lost this game playing the 4th
    .Quarter not to lose the players deserve better
    Than this

  2. A lot of what you say David is right.. That said, after the end of the third quarter, with UK nursing a lead, the UK Oline was getting whipped, and Johnson was getting hammered. Stoops was trying to burn clock, I think. That wasn’t working until Snell broke that long run deep into Florida territory, and the holding penalty call killed a last chance for a winning FG. UK was trying to run the football on a stout UF front 7 or 8 to protect their lead. Pressure was coming off the edge on almost every UK pass attempt. If Gran opens it up more, and UF picks one and takes it to the house, it is lights out in that scenario too. UK lost because of bad mistakes on coverage giving UF easy TD’s, and they couldn’t stop Florida runners from amassing a huge rushing stat on their last drive. Even still, UK played better against Florida last night than they have in a long, long time. They showed me a lot of fight, and could have won it I was proud of our young men.The only way I see Kentucky breaking this Florida win streak is to amass more overwhelming talent than Florida has in the years ahead. That is hard to do, but Stoops has really raised the bar in talent. UK comes to play these days with much better overall talent. Florida escaped last night and they know it. This is a good Kentucky team we all should be proud of.

    1. This is a seminal moment in the extreme !!
      I actually agree with the statement posted by the Pupster.
      Well said sir, well said !

      1. Well, well! I can’t believe the Knob is actually agreeing with me. There is hope for peace in the world. Thank you too Knob. GO CATS!!!!

        1. I agree as well L.P. Florida escaped and they know it. That should have been our win and silly mistakes did us in. This is a good team with the bulk of the schedule a collection of toss ups. I still believe we’ll have a great season.

          GO CATS !!!

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