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Stoops on Elam: “He’s been more consistent”

Matt Elam (Vicky Graff Photo)

Kentucky coach Mark Stoops shared some keep insights on his defensive line after Thursday’s practice as the Cats get set to host Florida Saturday night.

How has Matt Elam has improved the most: “He’s been more consistent. He’s worked harder at it. It’s been more important, but we’ll see. It’s day to day. He’s got to improve himself just like every one of us each and every day. He’s got to play good this week. He’s done some better things the first three games, but I want to see him play good this Saturday.”

Has new defensive line coach Derrick LeBlanc added specific technique drills to help his players: “There’s quite a bit. You’ve heard me talk over the years: I’ve been a DB coach, so I tried to be very technical as well, but I don’t know if there’s a more important position to be fundamentally sound than d-line. It’s just there’s a lot that goes into it that people really don’t understand, and I think Derrick has done a nice job of organizing it and repping it and getting them better at some things. They’re much better, and I just think the overall structure has been better. Coach House has done a good job as well.”

How hard it is for guys like defensive linemen Calvin Taylor and Matt Elam to stay low: “That’s what makes Matt unique. He does have great size but he can bend when he chooses to. He can bend and play with leverage. He’s athletic for a big man. I think that’s the key.”

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