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Stoops on Johnson: “The bottom line he is a winner.”

Stephen Johnson (Vicky Graff Photo)

Kentucky coach Mark Stoops had a lot to say about quarterback Stephen Johnson Monday during his weekly press conference.

On why Stephen Johnson slid down on the long run in the fourth quarter at South Carolina…
“I think he was just getting tracked down. He was probably about to pull a hammy.”

On when he knew Stephen Johnson was the leader the offense needed …
“I don’t remember a specific moment, but I just think over time he got everybody’s confidence and everybody started to believe in him. He is a winner. The bottom line he is a winner. He is making plays when he needs to by every mean necessary. I think that everybody believes in him.”

On if he has a different personality when he steps on the field …
“I think he is gaining confidence as he goes. It has been documented that he is a tremendous young man. He represents us the right way and he is a great human being. I think that everybody respects that about him. His play, he is just getting more and more confident and the more he plays and gets looks, we play better around him. There are still a lot of plays that we are leaving out there. He is putting us in a position to make some plays for him.”

On if he talked to Stephen about his dropped catch when Benny Snell passed to hm out of the Wildcat …
“Yeah, I am going to have to talk to him about that.  That is a walk in the endzone. He said he lost it in the lights is what I heard on the field.”


  1. He will probably be more understanding to his receivers and how important it is to keep your eyes on the ball. I think he was looking down field to see his path to the end zone! In big games, you have to make those catches. However, it achieved the purpose of not allowing the defense to load the box. Great game, but this week; we need to eliminate the mistakes.

  2. I am not convinced that Florida is any stronger than South Carolina at this point in time. They have been out rushed, out passed, and but for a hail mary 70 yard pass on the last play of the game, probably without a win. They have stayed in games with several pick 6 interceptions, and have fumbled the ball away 5 times in 2 games.

    I will be content with a 1 point win on Saturday, but I believe Florida may be walking into a buzz saw.

  3. UK must not let the Florida win streak get in their heads. The Florida defense will be a challenge. I think UK will need to play even better than they did against USC to get this win. I agree Kroger field will be rocking come game time. This is the biggest game, so far, on the schedule IMO. This win streak Florida has going needs to end come Sat. night.

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