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Stoops warns that Cats will be “coached up” this week

Mark Stoops says UK has a lot to clean up this week. (Keyli Chisesi Photo)


Mark Stoops couldn’t help but laugh — and issue a warning — when he was described as “jolly” during his weekly press conference Monday.

“Let’s just see if you say that next Monday (after UK plays at South Carolina Saturday). I don’t know jolly. I’ve never heard that word with me,” said Stoops.

“I just feel like this team, they are fun to coach. They want to get better. Believe me, they are going to get coached up this week. I’m not real pleased, they are a lot of things we have to do better and we will. But I know this group will take it.

“I guess that’s the only thing that is different is you know you are not going to go in there and just talk and talk and talk without them listening, taking it in and wanting to get better. Wanting to improve, you always like that as a coach. That is why you coach. We still have quite a few challenges and there are things that aggravate the heck out of you that we have to have cleaned up. And we are going to start doing that today.”

Then, Stoops had a revelation and understood why it might have seemed like he was truly in a jolly mood.

“I guess that’s why I am so jolly because I’m ready to go rip somebody’s butt,” Stoops said.


  1. After week 1, Stoops said things were correctable and we would get better. After week 1, Gran said he might have been a little stubborn running the Wildcat into the ground. After week 2, he said he may never run the Wildcat again. Does Gran really have the ability to execute his job description?

  2. I think that is a good question Mike. I really hope he does. I don’t think the conservative play we’ve seen to this point really reflects Gran’s creativity. I could be wrong of course. It could be that all the question marks haven’t been answered before last week’s game. It also could be that the “thinking” was we outmanned those teams and didn’t need to be creative? Just grind on them? The grind is a bit more Stoops than Gran, maybe. I guess we’ll see Saturday. I’ve heard or read that SC is going to focus on stopping the run. If so, then I guess we’ll see if some of these young pups can step up and be Big Dogs.

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