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Stoops: “We’re in no position to be making any predictions”

Mark Stoops let his players decide to wear white jerseys and white pants at South Carolina. (Larry Vaught Photo)


Kentucky coach Mark Stoops says his players have not let the attention of a 3-0 start and win at South Carolina impact their preparation/focus going into Saturday night’s game against Florida.

However, Stoops is not one to want his players being so confident that they are openly predicting a win.

“They shouldn’t be saying that. We’re going to prepare our butts off to win the game is what we’re going to do. There’s no guarantees in anything. I don’t like that because just simply we’re going to do everything to prepare, to win this week and then next week and the week after. So that’s what I care about is preparation,” Stoops said.

“As I said to the team, as I said to them again today: I can’t wait to have a sellout crowd and to be that and they deserve that and the players deserve to have that kind of support and everything else, but that’s not going to win the game for us. Playing between the lines is going to win the game and how we prepare through the week is what it’s all about. We’re in no position to be making any predictions.”

Stoops also said it was operations manager Dan Berezowitz, not him, who had the biggest role in picking chrome helmets for the players to wear Saturday night.

“Usually Berez thinks he’s the general manager as well so he usually comes and shows me a nice photo and says ‘What do you think?’ I either give him a thumbs up or thumbs down. But we have input. The players wanted to wear all white last week, so we wore all white,” Stoops said.

“Sometimes we give them that option, yeah. I don’t put a whole heck of a lot of thought into it, to be honest with you. A night game, we thought the chrome would look nice.”


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