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Blue-White player cramps lead to two Saturday practices for Calipari’s Cats

Leg cramps were a big problem for UK Friday night. (Vicky Graff Photo)

LEXINGTON — Watching numerous players have leg cramps during Friday’s Blue-White Game only confirmed what Kentucky coach John Calipari already knew about his team.

“Here is what we have: We have a team full of guys that can play 20 minutes. That’s what we have. So hopefully I have 10 guys that can play, because there’s no one that can play more than 20 minutes right now,” Calipari said after the game.

Freshman point guard Quade Green was in the “cold tub” immediately after the game.

“He’s cramping in his leg and then his arm and his little finger,” Calipari said. “We had him and we had P.J. (Washington) cramping. You had Hami (Diallo) cramping. You had Nick (Richards), everybody. When they saw one guy grab his leg, they all grabbed their legs. But we’re practicing twice tomorrow.”

Freshman Kevin Knox Jr. said players might not have drank enough water/Gatorade before the game to stay hydrated.

” Cal wasn’t really happy about that. Definitely get that fixed before next Friday (and the first exhibition game),” Knox said. “He (Calipari) is going to be on us to make sure we drink water, stretch – all that. You’re not going to slow down because we’ve got a lot of work to do.”

P.J. Washington knew Calipari was not pleased with the players’ conditioning.

“I don’t think any coach would be pleased with their players cramping. I feel like we have to get in a lot better shape, and we’ll be better down the line,” Washington said.


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