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Calipari on Pitino, FBI probe — sort of


Kentucky’s Media Day always produces some interesting twists but a few questions Wednesday certainly irked Kentucky coach John Calipari even though he had to know questions about Rick Pitino at Louisville and the recent FBI probe into college basketball were coming

Enjoy this exchange of questions/answers from one media member and then Lexington Herald beat reporter Jerry Tipton with Calipari.

Media: There’s a decent chance that next week Rick Pitino won’t be the coach at Louisville. Will you miss the rivalry in coaching against him?

Calipari: Look, it’s unfortunate, all the stuff that’s come down. But let’s talk about my team, please. Does anyone here have a question about my team, please?

Tipton: One more question about the FBI.

Calipari:  Anybody have a question?

Tipton: Wait a minute. This is a Media Day, not Coach Day. I am entitled to ask a question.

Calipari: Ask it.

Tipton: You cannot answer it, fine.

Calipari: Ask it.

Tipton: The FBI reportedly has expanded into looking at Nike. Kentucky is a Nike school. What reassurance would you give your fan base, the Big Blue Nation, if they’re anxious about what this could mean?

Calipari: Again, you’re asking like you know something that I don’t know.

Tipton: That’s all I know is right there. If a fan would put two and two together…

Calipari: Wait a minute. We don’t know what you’re saying, if it’s true. Do we know if it’s true?

 It’s been reported.

Calipari: Oh, that makes it true.

I have no comment to it. I mean, we haven’t been contacted. The NCAA hasn’t contacted us. We’re going about our business of coaching this team.

How about a basketball question since it isn’t my day.



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  1. I understand that the media has a job to do, but when a coach makes it clear he doesn’t want to comment on a matter, why persist? Bruce Pearl and Sean Miller essentially did the same thing in their media days, and yet I’ve seen little about it reported in the media (and assistants in their programs were actually implicated in the FBI investigation). 5 out of the first 6 questions were about the FBI investigation and Cal made it pretty clear he wasn’t comfortable talking about things about which he didn’t have all the facts.

  2. But it’s Jerry, the great Jerry Tipton of the influential (and broke) Lexington rag, the Horribly Liberal……..or something.

  3. I just hope Calipari is not involved with the sort of thing that Louisville and Pitino are now saddled with. Could Nike be involved in such a scheme? That said, Tipton has a big mouth.

    1. Let me add this, it appears from recent reports I read that UNC will skate for their academic fraud, just like I said they would. The NCAA is a joke.

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