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Calipari: “This is a young team.”


Certainly no surprise that Kentucky coach John Calipari managed to bring up how young his team is during his time at SEC Media Day on Wednesday in Nashville after his team was picked to win the regular season league title again.

“This is a young team. I feel an anxiety because I want the individual players to play well. My hands aren’t on the panic button yet. My feet are on the panic button, but my hands are not there yet. We are really young,” Calipari said.

“Anyone who has young players knows that it’s hard to help them create habits that are going to help them win. You can’t worry about eliminating other habits, forget it. Just create these new six or seven habits.

“But the only way it becomes a habit is you do it every day and are focused on it. It’s a process.”



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  1. What’s the word on Vanderbilt just read that he may be out for the year.

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