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Cats have to accept they got “whooped”

Here’s part of what Kentucky coach Mark Stoops had to say after Saturday’s 45-7 loss at Mississippi State:

On message to team after the lopsided loss: “It was not acceptable and it’s not OK and they flat out beat us, outcoached us, you accept it. There’s nowhere to run and nowhere to hide in this business. There’s nowhere for them to run and nowhere to hide. They whooped us. That’s the way it is. You’ve got to accept it. We all have to look at ourselves in the mirror and look at every aspect of our situation and see where we get better, starting with me. But every person looks at themselves in the mirror and sees things we can do better and give Mississippi State credit for beating our tails and that’s the way it is. We’re going to go back to work on Monday and they better be ready to strap it on.”

On if it’s more worrisome that this happened after a bye week: “Definitely with us coming off this bye we didn’t play to our standards and sometimes that happens as well. It’s not acceptable. You know you’re going into a tough environment I really feel like the game got away from us with three minutes to go in the half. Because we battled back, and we fought to get to 10-7 and we knew that we were hanging on. It was time to get out of that half, and it was imperative that we got a first down at that time coming out with whatever it was, I think under three. We got it to third and short, and we went for a shot. We had a play set up that we worked. They had been super aggressive, we thought we would try to get a shot and went for a home run, and the game flipped right there. And, that’s a physical bunch that when you give them that many more plays that tacked on seven, and it was very reminiscent of the last time we were here when the game got away from us at the end of that first half. And I was very conscious of it, and I was trying very hard not to let that happen, and it did. That’s just more snaps, more effort, more opportunities for them. They drive down and score and the game got away from us right there.”


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  1. It sounds like Marrow took the boys behind the shed after the game. That is exactly what they needed after across the board meltdown on both sides of the ball. This team does not always play with a lot of emotion or passion, and Stoops and Gran never seem to be in command and in control. It is easy to wonder if this team is inspired to play for or motivated by the staff. There has not been 1 game all year where everyone has all been in sync at same time. I would guess that Conrad and Hart are not real inspired while languishing in obscurity. Stoops continues to mention getting “out-coached” but at least not in denial of what we all see all too often..

    1. I think Vince let them know to shut up and worry about yourself, not anybody else

  2. Time for some introspection by the players, coaches …. everyone. Like to see them ask that man in the mirror “am I giving this my best”? “Am I leaving it all on the field”?

    1. I am with you Norman. Handling prosperity always a problem for UK. Just not used to it in football

  3. Tried to bring this up earlier in the year, but most people were just so happy with the wins, they didn’t want to hear it; not even Stoops. Many on here said a “Wins a win, just enjoy it.” Well that enjoyment came back to bite them in a big way. When you accept poor play calling, the inability to make adjustments (offense and defense) during a game, poor route running, poor effort to get open, poor preparation on both the O and D lines, poor blocking, poor tackling, and a lack of effort just because you are winning, when you face better competition, this is the outcome. This team has been going downhill on both offense and defense for the last 3-4 games, but hey, “Winning is winning.” I guess that makes it “losing is losing.”
    This team keeps playing like this, and they won’t see 7 wins, maybe not even 6.
    Gran has to get better at making adjustments. I think he has a game plan and just can’t bring himself to deviate from it.

  4. Mike and gang, I have to admit I was wrong about the cats they got there a__ kick and there’s no leadership what so ever like you guys mention. I really thought a 8 game winning season was legit now not so sure. Stoops needs to dig down dip in order to get the ship up right but it’s gonna take a lot of digging.

    1. Cats79…..not sure you were wrong….guess time will tell though. It is still possible that they could get 7-8 wins but certainly not with the effort or mindset the team and coaching staff showed on Saturday. I think the talent is there, but some of us have been saying for a couple of years now that nobody ever seems to get coached up.

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