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Green will let his play determine his nickname

Quade Green was all smiles at Media Day. (Denise Henderson Photo)

By BETH KING, Contributing Writer

Being compared to former standout point guards that John Calipari has coached does not bother freshman Quade Green.

“It gives me the drive to be better really, because I know I’m right there, but I’m not right there, because I haven’t played a game yet,” Green said at Thursday’s  UK Media Day.

Green said his “main goal” was to get to Kentucky and have a chance to pursue a professional career.

“I knew that once I got here, it was gonna be hard work. Nothing is given to you. You get praised with great players around you, so that’s all I was caring about, getting better,” Green said.

Former UK point guards have had special nicknames. It was “Two Seconds” for John Wall and “The Dog” for Tyler Ulis.

” I gotta play my game, be what I’m gonna be and they gonna give me a nickname, so that’s the only thing I’m waiting for,” he said.

He has had one major surprise at UK so far.

“The biggest surprise is how everybody loves you. Where I come from, everybody don’t love you. Everybody down here shows you crazy love!” he said.

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  1. That is funny! He comes from Philadelphia, PA, the city of brotherly love and he had to come to KY to find that type of love. Really excited for this year. It all starts tonight!

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