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Improved team has helped Stephen Johnson improve

Stephen Johnson (Vicky Graff Photo)


Now that Stephen Johnson has gone 12-4 in regular-season games he has started, it’s even more amazing that he was so lightly recruited coming out of junior college before Kentucky quarterback coach Darrin Hinshaw convinced him to come to UK.

Even then he was slated to be Drew Barker’s backup last season before Barker went down with a season-ending back injury.

So has Mark Stoops ever been around a quarterback who has improved as much as Johnson in such a short time?

“I think there’s so many pieces to it, there’s so many components to it that has to be right and it starts with protection and starts with guys running the right routes, making catches for him. Sometimes you have to make competitive catches,” Stoops said.

“Again, we all watch football, sometimes guys are covered and receivers have to make plays for them. You can’t constantly diagram beautiful, clean plays. You got to make competitive plays, you got to get open, you got to win, you got to beat somebody. And so I think overall he’s definitely improved, but I definitely think around him has improved as well.”


  1. What an impressive young man on so many fronts. He worked hard to overcome personal obstacles long before arriving on campus. He succeeded in correcting mistakes and continues to grow his craft. His community service is an extension of personal faith and rooted in sincerity. Stephen Johnson is a man of character and that will serve him well for the rest of his life.
    Kudos to Mitch, Coach and Jason Cummins for loading our roster with young men of character. As a fan, that makes me prouder than anything else.

    GO CATS !!!!!!

    1. And he is a damn fine quarterback.

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