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Lamar Thomas likes physical play of receivers

Garrett Johnson (Vicky Graff Photo)


When Kentucky coach Mark Stoops praised UK receivers for their “unselfish” play this season, it made receivers coach Lamar Thomas really happy and proud.

“They have been understanding what they are supposed to do. It takes a lot of maturity to do that,” Thomas said. “You have to do grind it out, do dirty work. When you get your opportunity, the great ones don’t have to turn it on and turn it off. They can’t not be ready. When you get your opportunity, make the most of it.”

So what are the receivers doing that Stoops likes so much?

“They are blocking, mixing it up, putting pressure on the defense and letting them know we are here,” Thomas said.

“In a physical conference, you want your receivers to be physical and it’s a good thing for them going against our defensive backs daily to get physical. That has really helped us in games.”

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