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Matthew Mitchell will join us on WPBK-FM Thursday morning to talk about embarrassing his parents again at Madness

Matthew Mitchell (Vicky Graff Photo)


Kentucky women’s basketball coach Matthew Mitchell will join Tim Estes and myself on WPBK (102.9 FM, on Thursday from 7:30-8 a.m. to talk about Friday’s Big Blue Madness and the upcoming season.

He has some talented freshmen he’s counting on to offset graduation losses and will talk about them as well as returning players like Maci Morris.

During his team’s Media Day on Tuesday, he was asked what to expect from him at Madness — and remember his dancing has become legendary.

“You’ll see something. Evidently, I haven’t heard anything in the course of the offseason. I keep waiting for one offseason for someone to come up to me and say, “Gosh, I hope I never have to watch you dance at Big Blue Madness again!” But that’s not the narrative. It’s all, “Coach, what are we doing this year? What have you got this year, Coach? Can I see you dance a little bit? Could you do a little dance for us right here? We’ve got some music queued up, could you dance?” Mitchell said.

“So, what it is is once a year I have to call my parents and apologize once a year. Every Saturday morning after Big Blue Madness, ‘Mom and dad, I did it again, embarrassed the family again.’ But if I can stand on two feet between now and then, it’ll be something else Friday night and we’re going to get after it and see what this year …  It’s getting hard though now trying to figure out every year something to do.

“So, it’ll be another horrific two and a half minutes or whatever that is while I’m out there. Somehow someway people enjoy that. I still don’t get it. But we’ll be ready to roll, don’t you worry about that.”

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