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Maybe Godby’s tweet will inspire UK defense

 Denzil Ware (35) didn’t like a tweet from former teammate Max Godby. (Wade Upchurch Photo)


Remember last year when ESPN analyst Lee Corso said Kentucky might have the worst defense in the country after the way it started the season.

Kentucky players used that as motivation to turn a 1-3 start into a 7-6 finish and berth in the TaxSlayer Bowl.

Maybe a fairly innocent tweet from former UK offensive lineman Max Godby during Saturday’s 45-7 loss to Mississippi State will do the same for the team this year. Godby tweeted during the game that linebacker Jordan Jones needed to stop trash talking after almost every play. After the game, UK outside linebacker lashed out at Godby, a former teammate.

“Stick to punt shield and scout team buddy,” Ware tweeted to Godby, a walk-on player for UK.

Godby later admitted he made a mistake questioning Jones even though many other UK fans were doing the same thing on social media. He called himself a “majority hypocrite” who needed a reality check and told Ware on Twitter he should not have written the tweet.

“I was an extremely crappy fan today. I tell fans not to ever critique a player or come at a player. I did exactly that,” Godby posted.

He said he should not have used names when criticizing players.

“These guys needed the fans backing. Learn from me, don’t follow my lead on this one,” Godby posted. “These guys will learn from tonight, they will get it corrected and right the ship. Let’s back this team as they take on Tennessee.”

Godby is right about UK being able to use the fans’ support against Tennessee, a team that is only 3-4 and has not scored an offensive touchdown in the last 14 quarters. But if UK’s defense gets dominated like it did at State, that stat will change for the Vols Saturday.

“There’s certainly things we need to do better and we need to man up and play more physically, play stronger,” Kentucky coach Mark Stoops said after Saturday’s loss. “There’s enough blame to go around and I don’t want to point any fingers. We’ll accept it and we’ve got to get them playing better.”

There was more than enough blame. Stoops even told his players to “zip it” after the game and quit whining, complaining, pouting or whatever.

“Look at yourself, look at things you can do better, and if you got your butt whooped you accept it and you do something about it on Monday and in our preparation through the week. I’m not worried about it. Nobody likes to lose. Everybody’s manhood gets challenged. There’s going to be some frustrations and some things, but there’s nothing we can’t mange,” Stoops said.





  1. Can this UK team rise to the occasion and beat UT? I don’t know anymore because of the UT syndrome. UK can’t seem to beat that bunch no matter what. They choke against the Big Orange. They have to figure that out for themselves. From my view Sat though, this UK football team looked plain soft against a middle of the road SEC team, and in a game that meant so much for the Kentucky program. It all starts with the head coach. My question today is simply, can Stoops motivate, and inspire his team to lay it on the line and play winning football? It’s his team, his recruits, his coaching staff in year five. What happened against MSU was a wake up call for many of us fans.

  2. Against better teams that can stop UK’s run, Gran has not options when they cannot run the ball. That has been a problem for him at UK. If is game plan does not work, he cannot adjust; and if the run doesn’t work, he has no other options that work.

    Someone needs to introduce him to the Tight Ends and some short slant routes. He doesn’t know what either are used for.

  3. It seems that after every game where we have under performed, or lost as the case last week, the coaching staff if quick to say “these are easy fixes” but nothing has changed or been fixed. It seems to be obvious to many people that Gran is very limited with the tools he has in his play box, and I keep wondering WTH has qualified this man to be an OC on any SEC team? He and Schlarman share dual responsibility for our offensive ineptitude with the additional assets and speed we were supposed to have this year. It was stated yesterday that Mr. Hoak is not a real fan of Gran, and one would think that Mr. Conrad, along with many of us, are not impressed work of Gran. Tight end was supposed to be a major strength of this team along with many other things, but the only real improvement YTD has been with the DL until they got exposed last Saturday.

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