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Mississippi State QB a “physical” player

Nick Fitzgerald


Mississippi State dual threat quarterback Nick Fitzgerald worries Kentucky coach Mark Stoops going into Saturday’s game.

“He’s just so physical. He’s a big, strong guy, and can throw the ball. He certainly can handle designed quarterback run. I think he’s just a very tough runner and puts a lot of pressure on you,” Stoops said Monday.

He says the way Fitzgerald runs puts “stress” on the secondary.

“Not only just pulling the ball down and scrambling, but design quarterback run game puts a little pressure on the entire defense. So I think you can see that on the back end. You know at times it depends on what coverage you’re in or what you’re doing,” the UK coach said.

Kentucky takes a 5-1 mark into the game and is 2-1 in SEC play.

“The bottom line is that we have won five games, which is very good. We are doing very good in turnover margin and I think the team has found ways to win when maybe the other side is not playing its best. Finding ways to win, and putting yourself in a position to win football games is bottom line and I think this team has done that very well,” Stoops said.



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  1. UK is a good football team with potential greatness on the horizon. We just need to stay the course.

    GO CATS !!!!!!!

  2. This will be a tough physical football game, UK must bring it on both sides of the ball to have a chance. Go Cats!!!

  3. It would be nice if we could just keep the focus and find some way to get more balance on both sides of the ball. Not sure I am a believer that our pass defense coverage will be that much improved during the bye week or that Gran will finally open up the play book. Both teams need this game very badly and I think State has the advantage with home field, and recent historical record of these teams.

  4. Mississippi State at mid season has a higher offensive efficiency than any of UK’s first 6 opponents and a lower defensive efficiency than any of UK’s first 6 opponents.

    This is the best team UK will have played so far this season. Louisville and Georgia have both been more efficient on offense than Mississippi State so far, and Georgia has been stronger on defense that Mississippi State.

    Mississippi State on the road is the second most difficult match up for UK this season, with Georgia being #1.

    1. Saw the Sagarin ratings today that have Mississippi State in the top 20 I think

      1. Yes.

        I believe UK can get this done on Saturday, and if they do, UK will be top 25 next week and favored to win the next 3 as well, making them 9-1 heading to Athens.

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