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Mitchell appreciates resources that football, men’s basketball provide for other Kentucky sports teams

Matthew Mitchell dances at Big Blue Madness Friday. (Vicky Graff Photo)


You’ll never hear Kentucky women’s basketball coach Matthew Mitchell complain about the attention or resources given to the UK men’s basketball program or the UK football program.

“Football and men’s basketball do so much for all our programs and the resources that come to all of us,” said Mitchell. “Their athletes work hard and deserve all the attention they get.

“But kids in other sports that do not get as much attention work just as hard. They have to balance academics and athletics. But we have some great athletes on campus. Our volleyball team is awesome. Our track team is remarkable.”

Mitchell says he tells his players to “be a person of honesty, integrity” and that success never comes individually without teamwork.

“I just encourage young players aspiring to reach the collegiate level to work on their character and be the best they can be,” Mitchell said.

The coach freely admits his Christian faith impacts his coaching style.

“Everybody’s got to decide what that anchor is for them, and for me it is my faith. So I don’t know how I could explain the success that we’ve had here any other way than the strength that I’ve been given through my faith to make decisions and choices or however you want to describe that,” Mitchell said.

“It’s something that’s very important to me and is my anchor and where I try to begin and end every day. So, it’s an important thing for me. Hopefully when I walk in that room they have a coach that’s prepared to lead them well that day.”

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  1. MM probably also appreciates that he still has a job with all the tumult and turnover last year. Let’s hope he and the team have a great year.

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