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Mitchell says 11 years at UK is “proof of miracles”

Matthew Mitchell


Matthew Mitchell had a message to anyone wondering how his 11 years as head coach at Kentucky have been for him and the program. He’s not once to mince words, and did not here.
“I tell people if you need proof of miracles, here I am. Eleven years at Kentucky. It’s
been awesome though,” said Mitchell during the SEC Media Days Thursday in Nashville. “I started out as a high school teacher and coach and had dreams and aspirations, but I don’t know if you ever think you are going to be sittin at a place like Kentucky when you are talking about coaching basketball.
“There are some places that are pretty great to do that, and Kentucky may be the best as far as
how basketball is appreciated. I’ve been very grateful for my time there. We have been blessed with great players and great support from our administration and fans.”
Mitchell said he’s ready to put last year’s player defections and issues in the past.

“You try to learn what’s valuable and take that with you. We don’t spend a lot of time in the past. Every year everyone is different. That’s a different situation. Change is all a part of it in college. It really is a brand new team every year,” Mitchell said.

“Experience can help you and we try to draw wisdom from the past, but we pretty
much start fresh every year.”

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