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Saylor Mitchell to Matthew Mitchell on Madness dancing: “Dad, why do you do this?”

Saylor Mitchell joined her father on the Rupp Arena court Friday. (Vicky Graff Photo)


LEXINGTON — For the ninth straight year, Kentucky women’s coach Matthew Mitchell entertained fans at Big Blue Madness with his dance moves accompanied by the UK dance team.

Late in the show his players even joined him and the dance team members at midcourt.

“It has been fun every year,” Mitchell said Thursday.

He let his two daughters watch him practice for the show on Wednesday. His oldest daughter, Saylor, age 6, asked him, “Dad, why do you do this?”

He told her it was a good question and he had no answer.

Mitchell said his first year Madness planners wanted him to “repel” from the ceiling. He walked on the catwalk with some UK ROTC members to consider if he could do it.

“I looked down and told them, ‘I will do a bunch of things for you all but this is not one,'” Mitchell said.

Now he did zipline with UK commit Blair Green of Harlan County a few months ago. Could he ever see himself ziplining into Rupp Arena for Madness?

“I would never say I would not zipline,” Mitchell said. “Not saying I would, but not saying I wouldn’t.”




  1. For me, this is the photo of the night, week, month, and perhaps year.

  2. Professor you are so correct that picture is priceless. That’s what life is about being a parent my self it’s a moment to embrace. Go cats!!

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