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Stoops: Draft talk about Allen “reckless”

Linebacker Josh Allen. (Wade Upchurch Photo)


Earlier this week Kentucky coach Mark Stoops joked that he did not have nearly the distractions that Alabama coach Nick Saban has.

So what did Stoops think of speculation earlier this week that junior linebacker Josh Allen could be a first round draft pick in 2018>

“I believe that was the rat poison coach Saban was referring to. That kind of information is just reckless. So, lets him – He’s a true junior. Let’s let him play the game and mature and play the right way,” Stoops said.

“That kind of information is very, very, like I said, reckless, and it’s hard for kids not to hear that. So, Josh and I have had a couple talks since then, and he’s focused and ready to play and doing some very good things.”


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  1. Good kid, good Coach.

  2. The line for tomorrow is now up to 13 from 10 earlier in the week. Can we win down there?..of course we can if we finally put it all together on both sides for a complete game. Will we win down there?…not likely because of past history, and I don’t think run defense really as good as it showed earlier in the season and don’t think our pass defense will be able to stop them because we haven’t been able to stop anyone else. Will we be able to score or them?..I think we can but don’t see us really stopping them.

    1. Has surprised that line went up that much

  3. Gotta have faith Mike always being so negative, this team is better than you think!!!

    1. But it is a fact that line has gone up and that’s usually not a good sign

  4. I don’t take too much stock on the line. The bookies can say all they want the game is play on the field. Besides I don’t like it when they post numbers for margin it makes me think the games could be rig.

    1. This will be a tough football game to win in Starkville, for sure. If UK pulls this off, they have to rank them in the top 25, come next week. That said, I don’t know what all the above comments, except Norman’s, have to do with Allen’s draft status in 2018, the subject of the above article. Allen will be playing on Sunday very soon IMO, barring some freak injury. That’s my prediction. He is a great pass rusher. I hope he has a great game against the bulldogs today. Go Cats!!

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