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Jarren Williams bails out on Kentucky again

Jarren Williams


Once again, Jarren Williams has bailed on Kentucky football.

The four-star quarterback from Georgia decided to de-commit from Kentucky for a second time while he was on an official visit to Miami this weekend.

It’s a blow for UK, which also lost quarterback Mac Jones to Alabama last season after he originally had committed to Kentucky.

Miami is coached by former Georgia coach Mark Richt, who did not make an early scholarship offer to Williams when he was at Georgia — something that irked Williams and his family.

Kentucky loses starter Stephen Johnson to graduation but will have Drew Barker, Gunnar Hoak, Danny Clark and Walker Wood competing for the job in spring practice. Williams was expected to enroll for the second semester and also compete for the starting spot.


Wiltfong told the Herald-Leader a few days ago that Williams, who plans to enroll in college for spring practice, could have competed for the UK starting job as a true freshman next season.



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  1. If he is that wishy washy, let him go. We don’t need him if he is not all in. Sounds like he can’t make a decision and stick with it.

  2. Mac Jones was beat out of a starting job at Alabama! Jarren Williams will have a lot more equal completion at a Top school and nothing is guaranteed. All these young kids are so vulnerable to being sold the world. He would have a much better chance at Kentucky. I do not think we should take him back again.

    A quarterback’s biggest asset is his decision making under pressure. Jarren is not doing very well in this area! I know it is a matter of maturity, he needs to grow up quickly. Is he always going to take the easy out and be so indecisive?

    I wish him luck, because he is going to need it. There are many talented individuals that never make it in life! I hope we do not offer to take him back again. We are fine with the quarterback’s we currently have on our team.

  3. This is a blow for sure. UK needs another quality QB since Johnson will be gone. Not sure Barker is the answer next year, maybe. The other UK QB’s have no game experience, and apparently could not beat out Barker as the backup. UK could be in trouble at that position, which is a major key to their offense. Hard to replace a leader like Stephen Johnson. One of UK’s backups should have played in the closing minutes Sat at Vandy, IMO, for some valuable experience. Williams is good, and it is what is is, so get a QB ready UK is all I can say, or recruit another one. Many of these these young men today have no loyalty at all. They say one thing and do another. That said, If he changes his mind back toward UK, I would sign him asap.. I can see why he would want to play for Richt, being a Georgia kid.

    1. Strange thing is that Richt did not offer him early at Georgia, and family did not like that or understand it. But apparently he has mended fences

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