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Matthew Mitchell says “you have to root” for someone like Amanda Paschal

Amanda Paschal (Vicky Graff Photo)


Kentucky hosts Morehead at 2 p.m. Wednesday after winning road games at Montana and then Washington State.

Kentucky coach Matthew Mitchell likes the way newcomer Amanda Paschal is improving and talked about that today.

“Amanda I’m sure has felt healthier at some point in her career. She continues to try and get back all the way from the knee (injury). She continues to do a good job at that and I’m just saying that I think she will continue to get better and better as she gets further away from the injury,” Mitchell said.

“She is looking good physically. Then on top of that, I just thought she was being so tentative and careful to a point of experiencing a little bit of paralysis by analysis and not turning it loose and playing. That was a ball game where plays had to be made because they were just so aggressive in trying to take away your first option as we had to break out of that so many times that we had to make some plays and she was one of the deciding factors in the game. She really made some plays – a back-door cut here, she got a post-up, some good action that we had not been hitting on.

“She made some really good jumpers, just some things that we knew she could do. She hadn’t been shooting the ball well and had been playing kind of tentatively, so hopefully that was a big step for her confidence wise. You can just look at her contributions along with her teammates so we really needed her contributions to win that game at Washington State. I was really happy for her and proud of her.

“She loves basketball, she loves to play, she loves her teammates, loves this opportunity at Kentucky and you root for somebody like that and you’d like to see someone like that do well.”


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