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Stoops: “We’ve never shelved a game.”

Mark Stoops (Vicky Graff Photo)


Kentucky has had four losses this season. After each of the first three, Kentucky won its next game.

On Saturday, UK will try to bounce back from last week’s loss at Georgia when it hosts rival Louisville.

Stoops doesn’t think the loss will be an issue for the Cats Saturday.

“I really don’t. We’ve never just shelved a game, we don’t do that. We are going to be held accountable and everybody is going to look at this all together, the good and the bad,” Stoops said.

“We will move on because we are able to do that. You know everyone can take their mistakes by group. I don’t anticipate it at all that there will be any kind of fog or hangover or anything with this team just because that’s the way we have responded all year.”



  1. Stoops sounds about as confident about this game as a lot of us do.

    1. And Petrino sounds like his usual cocky self. Come on Mike cut em some slack. Go Cats!!!!

      1. Petrino is Petrino

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