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Bol Bol on Calipari: “I still wonder why he cut me, but I’ll never know.”


Bol Bol had a chance at the Marshall County Hoopfest to clarify why he did not want to play his college basketball at Kentucky. Instead, the 7-3, five-star center did nothing to answer the lingering question that started when he was not on the USA under 19 World Championship team coached by John Calipari.

Bol, one of the top 10 players in the 2018 recruiting class, opted to sign with Oregon even though he transferred to Findlay Prep (Nevada) to play for Paul Washington, the father of UK freshman P.J. Washington.

Bol had 20 points (9-for-13 from the field) and six rebounds Friday as Findlay Prep beat Orangeville Prep 67-48. Findlay will play again at noon CST Saturday against Aspire Academy of Louisville that is led by 6-10 Charles Bassey, one of the top players in the 2019 recruiting class.

Calipari was part of the USA committee that cut Bol when the final 12 player roster was picked for Team USA when many considered the leader for Bol.

“I wasn’t really mad about it,” Bol said about not making the team. “Everyone thinks I’m mad about it, but I wasn’t. I still wonder why he cut me, but I’ll never know.” 

What did Calipari tell him when he was cut?

“I could have stayed to ask, but at that point I was like, ‘It’s not going to change,'” he said. “So I just left.” 

Bol later made an official visit to Kentucky but again said he did not ask about not making Team USA even though his mother had told media members the family was not happy that he didn’t make the team.

Bol said he thought Calipari “avoided” discussing Team USA with him.

“I just forgot about it,” Bol, who said during his recruiting that he grew up a Kentucky fan, said. “I know what’s best for me, and I picked the right decision. It was my favorite school growing up, but I grew up. I just felt like (Oregon) fit me more, the style of play and all that.” 


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  1. Sounds like a major disconnect somewhere, but I trust Calipari 100% on recruiting decisions, and this one is no different for me. I hope Oregon allows Bol Bol to shoot 10 times a game from the arc.

  2. If Bol Bol really needed that answer, he certainly passed up a couple of good opportunities. Buy Stoops out and bring in Kiffin…ABBS.

    1. Weren’t you touting the virtues of Butch Jones couple of years ago “coach Mike” ? O.C.D. much ??

  3. Mike just think about we’re paying two ex coaches now and you wonder why fans doesn’t show because up because of ticket prices. A third one is out of questions my opinion

  4. That’s a Barnhart problem…he is the one that got duped.

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