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Calipari: “We’re trending the right way.”

Sophomore Sacha Killey-Jones missed Saturday’s game with a sprained ankle. UK plays again this Saturday when it hosts Virginia Teach. (Jeff Houchin Photo)

John Calipari has a lot of swag. Always has, always will.

Now he believes his team is not getting the respect it deserves. Kentucky was a top 10 team in every preseason poll and is ranked fifth in the rankings released today.

Kentucky’s only loss this season was to Kansas.

“I’m a little disappointed that the kids aren’t getting the respect, I think, they deserve, as players,” Calipari said after Saturday’s win over Monmouth. “Again, I’ve done this 30-some years, I know one player from another, and I don’t know if it’s people’s opinion or their hope that this guy’s not that good and this guy’s not – I mean, what?

“And we’re just getting going. I mean, this team is just – there were some things we did in the first half that you would think, ‘Wow, we’ve cracked through.’ Well, we really haven’t, but we’re getting in that direction. We’re trending the right way.”


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  1. I think what he is talking about is the fact that none of the individual players have won any SEC Freshmen of the Week or Player of the Week awards since he is talking about a lack of respect for the individual players. JMO

  2. This Jarred Vanderbilt situation seems to be a little confusing. Cal continues to say that he isn’t going to push him, and I guess a lot of folks are wondering if Jarred is really pushing himself. I am wondering if the doctors have cleared him to play and don’t know that I have read that. It all seems to be very curious and has been for weeks.

    1. It has been Mike but Cal kind of creates that with his speculation about when guys will or won’t be back and then changing it

  3. Mike what I hear is Cal is leaving it up to Jarred weather he wants to play or not.

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