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Courtney Love holds UK program “dear to my heart”

Courtney Love. (Jeff Houchin Photo)


Never doubt what being at Kentucky has meant to senior linebacker Courtney Love, an Ohio native who started his collegiate career at Nebraska before transferring to UK.

“This program I hold dear to my heart. This is home. I was at that other program for two years and that was a nice program but this is where I can see myself being for a while,” Love said.

“If I wanted to stay here and have a family here I could do that. I love this place. I can’t wait to get to this bowl game and cap it off with a win.”

Senior receiver Charles Walker says winning the bowl game is important to all the seniors.

“For the team and the seniors it’s important but also the underclassmen. It’s 15 more practices for them and then of course the game. It kind of starts next season for them and ends our season and my four years. It’s important to the seniors but it’s also important for the team, collectively. It’s big,” Walker said.

“I think we’ll be a lot calmer than we were. Last year (at the TaxSlayer Bowl) was the first bowl for every player on the team so having that under our belts. Also, playing in a big stadium like we did last year, now we’ll be in the Titans’ stadium, it will definitely will be a cool experience. Having that bowl game last year is definitely going to help us.”

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