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Diallo, Washington share thoughts on 93-76 win over Monmouth

Hamidou Diallo had 23 points on 8-for-13 shooting and P.J. Washington had a career-high 20 points, six rebounds and four blocks — he was 9-for-9 at the foul line — in Saturday’s win over Monmouth in New York.

Here’s what they had to say after the game:

Hamidou Diallo

On coming home …
“It’s just great, coming out here playing in front of a crowd that I haven’t played in front of for a long time and just seeing my family again. So, it’s just been great, and we got a W, so that was the big part about it.”
On the last time he played a game in New York City …
“Probably like three years. A real, organized game, like three years.”
On what it was like being back …
“I was young. So when I played three years ago, I was young. I was a no one. Not a lot of hype around me, but just coming back today, like I said earlier, it was just great. I got a lot of friends and family out there and they just wanted to see me play. They haven’t seen me play live in a long time.”
On his jump shot …
“It’s definitely been a main focus, because that’s what everybody critiques about my game. So like every basketball player, of course they’re going to get in the gym and work on it. I’ve just been working on my whole game. Just not try to focus on one part. Just try to get better as a total basketball player and just be what this team needs me to be and just be a complete version of that.”
On whether talk about his jump shot motivates him …
“Yeah, of course it motivates me. I don’t listen to it as much, because at the end of the day I’m the one putting in the work. I’m the one playing. But it’s definitely motivation and just fuel. That’s just fuel to my fire but, like I said, we got a good W. I hit a couple shots and back in the gym tomorrow.”
On how their game changes when outside shots are falling …
“I would just say it’s just better for us, because once shots are falling we’re just more confident and we’re just more loose playing offensively. If shots are falling, I feel like we’re just the best team that we can be and that’s just what we need to keep on doing. In practice, we gotta make shots and we gotta get in the gym and perfect our craft.”
On having family in the crowd …
“It’s just a blessing. This is my first time playing in the Garden. I never got to play in the Garden, so coming from New York City, that’s every kid’s dream. He wants to play in the Garden. You grow up watching it, going to games. For me playing in there, having a good game is just a blessing and just gotta do a couple more things, but it’s just a blessing.


P.J. Washington

On what got him going early …
“What got me going, whichever my first basket was, I felt like my shots were going in. I just tried to stay aggressive and that’s what I did. I tried to continue in the second half and I’m glad we came out with the win.”
On playing multiple positions in the defensive zone …
“That was my first time playing at the top and playing in the middle. We were in a lot of foul trouble and we had to switch up a couple lineups, but it was great. I’m just glad I got to do everything to help the team win.”
On how he’s lost weight …
“Running. Just running every day. Before practice, after practice, everything.”
On what impact that’s had on his game …
“It’s just a confidence booster. I feel like I’m more in shape and my shots are falling now and I’m just playing better.”


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  1. Great game for Diallo and Washington. Hopefully, this will give Washington a boost in the confidence arena. Know might have been intimidated by the Garden because he couldn’t get out of his way. Sorry to see that we were outscored by 6 in 2nd half.

    1. UK should have beaten this team by 30.

  2. Excellent improvement from game to game and this, the Monmouth game, continued the trend. The board work especially continues to improve There will be those who bitch and moan about whatever it was that struck their feeble minds but this will be a team to be reckoned with come March. Especially if Diallo continues his remarkable progress. As for coach Mikey, the guy has to demonstrate his coaching brilliance in each and every post. He is so “now” focused that he can’t see the overall picture or goal.

  3. PK… have been quiet for awhile…i think i missed you. I post to partially get in your head a little…seems to be working. Do you think Monmouth might have been us if they had another half?

  4. “Do you think Monmouth might have BEEN us if they had another half” ??
    “BEEN”……. have you been in the schnapps bottle again coach?
    “Half” of what coach ?

  5. I am thinking about bringing you into my asst. coach mentoring class that starts after the first of the year. If we are stuck with Stoops, Gran and Barker for next year you will need it.

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