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Guest post: A Day To Remember

Nichole Mingey, left, listens to Tom Leach during the Leach Report. (Larry Vaught Photo)

Vaught’s note: Nichole Mingey is a student in the Boyle County High School web journalism class taught by Michelle Feistritzer.

By NICHOLE MINGEY, Contributing Writer

Not many high school students can say that they have taken a class field trip to a news and radio station studio all in one day. However, as a student in the Web Journalism class at Boyle County High School, I, along with eight others, can attest to this incredible opportunity to meet well known personalities and to network.

On Tuesday my classmates and I were given the opportunity to listen in on NewsRadio 630 WLAP at the iHeart Radio studio in Lexington. In addition, we were also able to visit WLEX 18 where we were given a tour of the newsroom as well as the opportunity to observe a live news production.

For my classmates, it was a great experience to learn from the best, but for myself, who is looking for a career in broadcasting and digital media, it was also an extremely eye opening experience. This trip helped me gain a deeper knowledge for journalism and strengthened my passion for the field that I find an interest in.

Melissa Ratliff, front left, gave Boyle County students a tour of the WLEX-TV studio. (Larry Vaught Photo)

During our time at the iHeart Radio studio we listened to The Leach Report and met Matt Jones along with DeAnn Stephens and many others. As a die-hard Kentucky fan, meeting the Voice of the Wildcats and the founder of Kentucky Sports Radio was like a dream come true.

From there the fun did not stop. Zach Hodge, one of my fellow classmates, was given the opportunity to interview DeAnn Stephens and I was able to interview Tom Leach.

Interviewing Tom Leach was by far one of the most exciting parts of my day. Through that experience I learned so much about the field of broadcasting and the life of the Voice of the Wildcats.

To top off our field trip we ended our day at LEX 18 News. The Executive Producer, Melissa Ratliff gave us an excellent tour and filled us in on tons of information pertaining to the daily activities of employees at LEX 18 News.

Along with a tour we were able to watch a portion of a show that aired at noon. It was interesting to see how each segment played out, how the daily shows were being broadcast, and how much work there is being done behind the scenes.

The day spent at I Heart Radio and LEX 18 News was truly an amazing experience that I would not have traded for the world. A day like that created many memories and moments that neither my classmates, nor I will ever forget.

Thank you to Larry Vaught and all who made this day possible.


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