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Guest post: Being part of historic 2018 Danville High School class an “amazing feeling”

Vaught’s note: John Welsh is a senior at Danville High School and shares his thoughts/perspective on Danville’s recent Class AA state championship win and what it meant to him.

By JOHN WELSH, Contributing Writer

Being a senior at Danville High has many responsibilities. One is carrying on the tradition of the Admiral student section. There is no feeling like cheering on the Admirals on a Friday night under the lights! Since this is the last year for the class of 2018, we are leaving it all out there.  

Heading into the state game last Saturday at Kroger Field, we (students) had been meeting together all week, making signs, deciding our theme, and spreading the word about cheers. We wanted to make sure we gave the players encouragement to perform on the field how they have been all year.

Just before we let out of school Friday we had a pep rally. The whole school gathered out in front of DHS and we all came together to hype up our guys to bring home the trophy.

I have always had a love for sports, but because of a birth defect, I was never able to participate in any of the sports I had a love for. For that reason I have always had a dream of one day of working for ESPN or CBS as a sports broadcaster.  

After years of reading  “Vaughts Views” in the local paper, I have looked up to  Mr. Vaught as a role model. Hoping one day I could do what he does.    

Arriving at Kroger Field on Saturday I didn’t know what to expect from the Ads. I didn’t know much about Mayfield other than its record.

With 7,398 people in attendance(most for a Class 2A championship game since 2012) I was confident in our team to go out and play like we had all year. The Admirals first drive of the game ended in a 5 yard run for a TD!

The second drive however wasn’t as pleasant as the first. A few plays in our junior starting QB Zach Thornton was sacked hard in the backfield. He was down on the field for a couple minutes. Within that time, all kinds of thoughts were fluttering throughout people’s minds. All the air was sucked up out of the stadium when people saw number 15 down holding his wrist on his throwing arm.

The Mayfield drive ended quickly as they punted on a 4th and 44. When we got the ball back thankfully Zach T came back into the game. He seemed to be a little rattled , and within the two plays of the drive we lost 5 yards and Mayfield got a safety.

When we kicked off, Mayfield wasted no time! Short drive ended in a 73-yard pass for a TD! They failed on a two point conversion, 8-7 Mayfield. From there on it was all Ads!

Dmauriae Vancleave  takes a reverse 67 yards for a Danville TD! After this I knew we were too fast for Mayfield. Right before the half Jaleel Warren came down with one of the best TD catches I have seen all year! Put us up 21-8 at the half.

Deep into the third Dmauriae Vancleave once again scored another TD. He took a punt return back 61 yards to put the Ads up 28-8. At this point all of us in the student section were going crazy because we knew we would soon be recognized as “ Title Town” once again.

Unfortunately the University of Kentucky wouldn’t let us students do the traditional “ rushing the field” as we were used to doing after major wins. But in the end we still were state champions, and were recognized as  “ Title Town” once again.  

The feelings we were all feeling are indescribable. Just knowing that the class of 2018 would go down in Danville Admiral history forever was an amazing feeling.

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