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Killeya-Jones, Green both expected to play Saturday

Quade Green (Jeff Houchin Photo)


Sophomore forward Sacha Killeya-Jones and freshman point guard Quade Green both should be able to play Saturday when Kentucky hosts Virginia Tech.

Green missed most of the second half of a win over Monmouth after getting poked in the eye and Jones did not play in last Saturday’s win because of a sprained ankle.

“Something could happen today. It’s funny. They both got better and everything was going good and then they got to take a step back,” Kentucky coach John Calipari said Friday. “The good news is we saw that Tai (Wynyard) can play, that Tai is good enough to do what he needs to do. And then the other thing is we went small and it didn’t look bad. So, we were able to see that.

“Quade’s ability to score – without him it hurts us. It is more than everybody understands. He is a consistent guy that can get buckets, it’s just in his DNA. That and not being there puts us in a tough position going into this game.”

Caipari knows he’ll need a team playing at its best against Virginia Tech and coach Buzz Williams.

“This team is the best 3-point shooting team we will face all year.  They draw fouls because they put their head down and they go at that basket. The other thing they do is they are going to press us. They are not going to come in here with all this respect and go back and play a zone or sag. They are going to press us,” Calipari said.

“They are playing fast. Now we have been in these kind of games and two teams playing fast and it’s pretty fun to watch. They want to stretch the court. We aren’t walking it up, ‘here we come’ and that’s how they’ll play. They beat Washington by 30-20 somebody will give me the exact score. Twenty-five maybe, 26? And Washington beat Kansas on the road by 16, I believe. They went and beat them pretty good. So, you are talking a really good team. They beat Ole Miss on the road, down at Ole Miss.

“This will be a hard game. Look we are at that stage with this team, we win or we learn. That’s where we are. I’m not taking it any other way. We win or we’ll learn. And we are going to learn as individual players where guys are and as a team where we are.”

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