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Rob Bromley on Rick Pitino: “He had a monster ego.”

Rob Bromley


Former WKYT-TV sports anchor Rob Bromley interacted with a lot of UK football and basketball coaches during his 40-year career that recently ended with his retirement.

“I came to Lexington in 1977 and had never run into monster egos. Was I ever in for a shock,” Bromley said when asked about being the host for the UK coaching shows for so many years on WKYT.

He says he felt “lucky” to have had Joe Hall as UK’s basketball coach when he started.

“He was fantastic. He treated me like I was part of the program,” Bromley said. “We did the show his last five years of coaching.”

Bromley “got along well” with basketball coach Eddie Sutton. Next came Rick Pitino.

“He had a monster ego. Things could change very quickly with him. He could be so good to you and at other times not so good,” Bromley said. “It could be like day and night. It made for some interesting years with him. Then came Tubby (Smith) and he was a completely different personality and just a great guy.”

Bromley understood for years that Kentucky fans get their first look at game footage on the coaching shows because few games were televised 30 years ago.

“We would shoot a game on Saturday, fly back into Lexington and do the show on Sunday and it would be the first opportunity for game footage to be on Lexington TV,” Bromley said.

Bromley leaned on co-worker Steve Moss. They worked together over 30 years.

“It helps having people around you that you get to know and can depend on. He was a good friend and great worker,” Bromley said.


  1. Sounds like all of the Coaches were great guys except Pitino.

  2. Louisville is paying dearly now for hiring Pitino to start with, who has turned out to be a real thorn in their side. The man claims he knew nothing, right? What a way to end a career, very sad.

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