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Terry Touchdown on Darin Hinshaw: “I can deal with this.”

Darin Hinshaw, left. (Vicky Graff Photo)


Do not underestimate the impact that co-offensive coordinator/quarterbacks coach Darin Hinshaw has in recruiting quarterbacks.

He was the one who found Stephen Johnson two years ago, got him to Kentucky and then had him ready to play when Drew Barker got hurt early in the season.

This year when four-star Georgia quarterback Jarren Williams bailed on Kentucky, Hinshaw went out and helped persuade junior college quarterback Terry Wilson to sign with Kentucky. Wilson will be on campus in January.

So what did Wilson like best about Hinshaw?

“He is a great guy. We were in there watching film on my visit and going over plays and everything,” Wilson said. “We just clicked. I was so used to the same concepts, same protections I have ran before.

“We were really on the same page and he liked that a lot. He is excited to coach me. We are both hungry for success and greatness.

“He is a great guy. When we were watching film and I got some protection calls — even with the new names — right, he just started yelling and I thought, ‘I can deal with this.’”


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  1. I am glad Terry is a Wildcat. UK has a critical hole to fill with Johnson leaving. I wouldn’t be surprised to see this young man win the starting job come fall, but Barker could be the man. That said, there will be competition at the QB position. Hope Gunnar gets a shot too.

  2. As I have said before, I hope Barker is smart enough to go somewhere that will actually use his talents. Gran has no intention of using a passing qb. He wants a qb that can run a little and pass around 60%. I really don’t see Barker or Gunnar ever getting to show what they can do because Stoops and Gran want ball control the entire game. Stoops has even said numerous times he does not want to score quickly. That closes the door on passing qbs.

    1. Barker may get a shot in 2018. The problem with him is he has not done well in the past when he did get the opportunity, and of course his injury. Gunnar has yet to be given any playing time. That is sort of strange to me if he is indeed a viable option. Another thing OF, a passing attack works two ways. WR’s and TE’s have to get open. Create separation, and the QB has to get the ball out quickly enough and hit them with accuracy. You have to be able to RUN the football today, and Snell is a valuable weapon. They have to give him the rock, he has earned that by his play. Three things can happen on a pass play, and two of them are bad. UK has to have the ability to stretch the field. Not sure the current crop of receivers can consistently do that. UK tried on numerous occasions in 2017, but had little success due to dropped passes or passes overthrown, or thrown short. Let’s hope that improves in 2018. Wilson is a QB that can hurt you with his arm and his legs, similar to SJ. Just my thoughts. I would like to see UK run up and down the field and score on long drives, and through the air at will. You need both in the SEC to have winning football. Control time of possession by having methodical drives. That will win you a lot of football games. Then have the defense get off the field on third down consistently. I don’t care how they win, just win.

  3. Really like the attitude and excitement from Terry.


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