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Alabama running back Damien Harris appreciates role teachers/professors have played in his life

Damien Harris went to a lot of UK football games before picking Alabama over UK.


Former Madison Southern running back Damien Harris has played in three straight national championship games for Alabama — and helped the Crimson Tide win two of them.

I watched him play football and run track in high school. I talked to him a lot when he was being recruited by Kentucky and I’ve enjoyed seeing how successful he’s been at Alabama.

However, I think he’s also a much more mature young man than others might realize and he verified that when explaining why teachers are so important in shaping a student-athlete’s life.

“I think teachers are a huge asset to us as children growing up and people of the future. I feel like people get so caught up in the football side and the athletic side of what we do, but first of all, we came to college to get an education,” Harris said. “And I know that all of our parents would be pretty upset with us if we came to college and didn’t get our degree.

“So I think the teachers that helped us to get to this point and then, obviously, our college professors and things like that and all the people that try to educate us into being smarter individuals and better people in the long run. I think that’s obviously a huge advantage for us to have. I think that we have a great education system, and I think that the people that are involved in it, I think that they deserve a lot more credit than what they get.”

Harris decided last week to remain at Alabama for his senior season rather than put his name into the NFL draft.

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