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Calipari: Cats don’t have to make a lot of 3’s

Kevin Knox (Vicky Graff Photo)


Inconsistent 3-point shooting has been a recent problem for Kentucky, but coach John Calipari believes getting Quade Green back in the lineup will help take care of that.

“Quade being out has affected us. Kevin Knox hasn’t been shooting the ball particularly well,” Calipari said after Saturday’s loss to Florida. “I would have liked us to have made six (against Florida), two more, but when you look at it, where was my man — Quade was 0-for-4. You’re hoping he’s a 2-for-4 and all of a sudden you’ve made six, seven, and that’s pretty good. That’s enough for us. We make seven, six, that’s good, we’re fine.

“Because we’re such a long, active team, a team that can score around the goal; if you can’t score around the goal, you’re going to have to make threes. We can score around the goal and if we make threes, we’re a pretty hard team to beat but we’re injured. Kevin, there’s some in, out shots he missed. The one he made, he banked.

Sophomore Sacha Killeya-Jones said after the game there’s no lack of confidence from the players.

“We understand that we have work to do. We can’t go out there and mess around. We have to go out there and fight,” Killeya-Jones said. “These teams come out here and try to beat us. When we’re in those types of situations like we were today — when we’re up three with a couple of minutes to go — we just really have to come together and execute.”


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  1. Making at least 1 three point shot in a game has become a source of pride for the BBN, and it is a record that the BBN wants maintained and preserved. That is why Tom Leach makes a big deal about it in every game, when the Cats make the first 3 pointer of the game, and comments repeatedly when the game moves into the second half without a made 3 pointer.

    The other night, after the South Carolina loss in which this record came very close to ending, players were quoted as saying they were not aware of this record until after the game, and not Calipari speaking to de-emphasize the importance of 3 point shots.

    The players’ comments are unfortunate because they work to reinforce the uneasy feeling that is growing within the BBN that these self anointed children are not concerned about the program, and are simply here to use the program as their personal spring boards to the NBA draft. Add Calipari’s comments to this, and it appears to me he is trying to prepare the BBN for the soon coming day when this record will end. If that happens it will be a very sad day for this BBN member.

    What does the program do to educate new members to the “Kentucky Basketball Family” about the history and traditions of this program, and about the breadth and depth of the BBN? I really want to know if UK’s basketball staff are doing anything in this regard, and specifically what it is because I have a growing sense that the answer is Zilch!!!!!

  2. Sounds like Calipari is losing some of his luster here on VV’s.

    1. Sounds like you are happy about that. What a shame!

      1. You know what’s a shame UKFMLY? It’s that UK starts a bunch of coddled freshmen this year that are not playing up to UK standards, and seem to be ok with it. Have faith though, Calipari will get a new team in next year, maybe. Just sharing my opinion. Take it up with the Professor, he sounds pretty critical of our Coach now don’t he?

        1. LOL. The real shame is the Negative Nellies have have taken over my favorite UK web sight. Positive people have stopped commenting in droves. Who wants to go back and forth with people who only see the negative. It’s the same reason UK does not play Cincinnati. Nothing to gain. There are so many people that use toe add comments that are no longer doing so. And in my humble opinion it is for that reason. Larry calls if passion and that’s o k with me. But when I hear people says Cal is losing his luster on V V. I say B S. I believe it’s people like you and Mike that are chasing away the positive comments. Believe and say what you will. It is your right and I will defend that. But to assume that Cal has lost his luster to most of the V V Family and or the BBN is Fake News.


  3. There does seem to be a widening split between the Calipari mission and the BBN. With each game played and each year completed, there seems to be a growing number of the base that feels that another NCAA champion banner may not be hoisted during his tenure. Cal has lost some luster in the coaching ability ranks and most certainly in the recruiting wars…..and we weren’t even in Zion’s final four. This decision did not bother me that much because I viewed him as another Hami, and we certainly don’t need that. Cal’s recruiting ability taking more hits as each year passes as he no longer gets his pick of the litter. That honor has passed on to Coach K and several others around the country. IMO there are several other coaches just within the SEC that have shown they can do more with less. Let’s not forget that with each passing year KU continues to close the gap.

  4. I don’t think Cal is losing his coaching or recruiting ability. Talent doesn’t always win championships it’s call experience that bring championships in my opinion. That 2012 team that won it all was a rarity young maturity team that knew how get the job done. the more experience the better chance of winning the big dance. .

  5. Cal has repeated said that talent, not experience, wins championships. That is where many in BBN and Cal disagree, because it actually takes both. Cal is no longer getting 2-3-4 of the top 10 recruits and the style he plays and what he wants to do does not seem to work well with players ranked below the top 10 or 20 recruits. This is just one of those years where he did not get enough players with a “fight not lose” mentality. Too many of these players were allowed to stand around on defense, or in Diallo’s case, he was so much more athletic than other high school players, now he is playing against players that can slow him down and he has no plan B. Like I’ve said, there are only 2 players on this team that can create their own shot, Green and Alexander. With such a team, it takes more play calling from the coach and Cal seems hesitant to do that.

  6. I don’t know why people are worry about his recruiting. It’s not like he has lost a recruit before and it won’t be the last.. Chill down people we can’t get them all.

  7. Kentucky is the “Gold Standard” of college BB…
    I recall Coach Cal making that his mantra when he arrived at UK. Perhaps that’s one reason so many of us fans are so disappointed. We swallowed the sales pitch hook line and sinker. We actually believed the hype. We thought we were so far ahead of the competition that all the top players would be knocking on our door and begging for the privilege of wearing Kentucky Blue&White.

    1. He also said “there would be a Kentucky effect” once we are successful with this the best teams would follow. If you remember correctly coach K said that they were no going after the 1 and done players. But then we won it all and the next team to win it all starting 3 freshman was who? For a guy that tries to be positive you guys are wearing me out with this short sided stuff ! ! ! !

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