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Count on Dukes having her good-luck Mentos tonight

Sidney Dukes (UK Athletics Photo)


Probably before, during and after tonight’s match against Florida, it’s safe to guess that Kentucky junior gymnast Sidney Dukes is going to do one thing over and over.

She’ll eat Mentos, a candy she’s been eating for years when competing.

“I have to eat Mentos during meets. I have a bag I take with me. I just have always kind of done it. I just like the taste of something fresh in my mouth,” Duke said when asked about her match superstitions.

“That’s my only little thing. We do a bunch of team cheers and chants before we march out. That’s one of my favorite superstitions. It gets us fired up and is a lot of fun, but I love my Mentos.”

She’s not exactly sure why she started this match habit.

“I think my mom just had a pack of Mentos one day and I asked for a few and put them in my backpack and I kept munching on them,” the UK junior said. “I just liked the fresh taste before I would compete and it just kind of stuck with me.”

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