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Guest Post: This Fan Happy With Calipari

Shai Gilgeous-Alexander (Vicky Graff Photo)

By LINDA SINCLAIR, Contributing Writer

Kentucky fans are a peculiar group. After the recent comments not only on Facebook but Twitter also I understand more clearly why fans of Kentucky are considered appalling. It does not matter if it is football or basketball. If the teams don’t win or if one player has a bad night many fans take it personally. The player is no good, the coach is no good, name calling flies, tempers are on the verge of exploding, blood pressures are up and many fans feel like it is personal. 
You never know what is going to happen, you don’t know how the players feel. It is just a game and these are first year college kids who have never played in an opposing teams environment before. It is hard for experienced teams to win a road game in the SEC.
Are you on top every day … do you feel great every day.  Does something that has happened in your life or to a friend makes you seem a little disconnected?  Maybe players go through that at times also.  Lack of sleep, argument with family or friends, hungry and a dozen other reason could throw a young man off his game.  Don’t forget many of the players have had the flu and some even played the last game with the flu.
Do y’all remember basketball when Tubby Smith was coach … slow ball, boring … only won a championship because he did it with Rick’s boys? How about Billy Clyde, did you like those two years? Wasn’t that a lot of fun?
And then came Calipari to Kentucky, a job he had wanted for 20 years. A job he dreamed about. Under Cal we have extended our all time win leads over Kansas and North Carolina, consistently beat Louisville, and won a National Championship.

Before Cal came to Kentucky, North Carolina had almost caught up with us in the win category. As of the end of last season we are 31 up on NC. We have increased the lead which had been a lot more than that since Cal came. There are too many teams in the nation now to count on winning a Championship every year or even going 30-0 or more every year. 

You cannot expect to have a great team every year. We still have more wins than losses. I think these little kitty cats are still learning what it is like to play like and with the big boys.

I am happy every year if we have a winning season with no scandals. I am happy with Cal. He not only is a good coach but a great man and a mentor for the young men. It does not mean I always agree with him, but he is paid the big bucks not me.

He can’t make the kids play like they are 25 years old, he can only coach. 

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