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Killeya-Jones on Kevin Knox: “We all trust his abilities.”

Sacha Kileya-Jones (Vicky Graff Photo)


Sacha Killeya-Jones says teammates knew that Kevin Knox was capable of the 34-point outing he had in Saturday’s win at West Virginia.

“He’s a great player and he’s capable of games like that. For him to play like that is huge just to boost his confidence because we already had that confidence in him,” Killeya-Jones said Monday.

“That hasn’t changed anything for us. We’re just happy to see him go out there and succeed and do it like that. Now, we know and he knows he can do that, and when we need big performances from him he knows that he can step up to the plate.

“I think that confidence boost for him is going to be great for our team just to have that extra scoring and all that. Just to be able to rely on him night in and night out is going to be huge for us.”

Knox and his teammates get a chance to show they learned from Saturday’s win when they host Vanderbilt tonight. Killeya-Jones hopes Knox maintains the same aggressive play he showed at West Virginia.

” I think he was tentative at times, but I think he always knew when to get his shots. I think now, just seeing them all go in like that is huge for his confidence. I think he’s been shooting – I don’t know his exact numbers, but he’s been shooting at a crazy clip lately,” Killeya-Jones said. “I think it’s going to keep boosting his confidence and keep shooting.”

Here’s an even more important feeling the Cats have about Knox.

“We all trust his abilities. When we need a bucket, we know he’s more than capable of going to get one,” Killeya-Jones said. “He’s done that for us on multiple occasions, but the great thing about this team is we have so many players that can go and do that.

“Even if Kevin is playing poorly, we still have four, five, six other guys that can all step up to the plate, and we can all trust in, which is the great thing about this team.”

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