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UK cheerleader Dallas Pringle had “zero idea” her boyfriend was going to propose on Rupp Arena court

Dallas Pringle had no idea Jack Ditto was going to propose to her at Rupp Arena Saturday night. (Elliott Hess Photo)


Even though Kentucky had lost to Florida Saturday night, the UK cheerleaders were going through their normal postgame routine on the Rupp Arena court when coach Jomo Thompson did something that cheerleader Dallas Pringle thought was “kind of weird” and out of the ordinary.

He brought the cheerleaders together and had them do a chant they never do after a game.

“I was so confused,” Pringle said.

That’s when it suddenly got very unconfusing.

Thompson spun her around and there was her boyfriend, Jack Ditto.

“I just screamed,” Pringle said.

He quickly proposed to her and she had no hesitation saying yes.

Dallas Pringle reacts when she realizes her boyfriend, Jack Ditto, is going to propose. Even Gov. Matt Bevin took photos. (Eliott Hess Photo)

“He was very confident I would say yes, and he was right,” Pringle said.

It just added to what is going to be a remarkable year for Pringle. She’ll be part of the UK cheer squad going to South Korea next month for an exhibition competition at the Olympics. She was part of UK’s national championship squad. She’s been named to the USA national team.

“I feel like I am still on a cloud,” Pringle said Tuesday. “It still feels like a dream. I was like as surprised as anybody could be. I had zero idea he was going to do that. He talked to Jomo. All my friends on the team knew it was happening, but not me.”

Pringle, who is from Reno, Nev., was not even suspicious that her parents came to the game. They were in Orlando for the national cheer competition and they had all stayed a few extra days to hang out after the championship.

“My dad said since they were on this side the country, they would just come back to watch the Kentucky-Florida game,” she said. “Jack had talked to them and wanted them there. My aunt even came. There were all these signs something was happening, but I never thought a thing about it. But it could not have gone any better.”

She had no idea that Governor Matt Bevin was watching the proposal and taking pictures until he posted about it on Twitter.

“Somebody told me he was right behind us taking pictures. How crazy is that?” Pringle said.

Considering all that’s happened for her this year — or is going to happen — it’s probably not that crazy at all.

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