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UK cheerleaders put on “amazing” performance for fans, who also guest surprise show from UK dance team

Jeff Houchin Photo

By SHEENA WETHINGTON, Contributing Writer

Thursday night the University of Kentucky Cheerleaders opened the Seaton Center doors for a public viewing of their 2018 Nationals routine. The first hour was spent of them perfecting individual parts of the routine. The fans in attendance started to get a short glimpse of the pieces of the routine. If a cheerleader messed up during that individual section, then the partner would have to do it again full out by themselves.

Their final performance was amazing! There was only one little shake up but the girl held it together  in her lift so she didn’t fall!!

I can tell they have worked hard since they performed their routine at the men’s basketball game on Tuesday night! If one thing is for sure, Coach Jomo Thompson,will have this team prepared to fight! I am confident that this team has the routine to bring home championship #23!

Unfortunately, Big Blue Nation will be unable to watch the cheerleaders compete live at the UDA competition in Orlando this weekend, unless you want to pay a wonderful fee of $12.50/month at Be sure to follow @UCAupdates on Twitter for minute-by-minute updates of the competition!

The Kentucky Cheerleaders perform in semifinals on Saturday at 12:09 PM. The finalist will be announced at 1:45 PM. If they make finals (which we know they will), they will perform on Sunday with a time to be announced after the finalists are announced.

Big Blue Nation should know if the Cheerleaders are going to bring home trophy #23 by 9:40 PM on Sunday.

Jeff Houchin Photo

MAKING A SURPRISE PERFORMANCE …… was the UK Dance Team to perform its nationals Hip-Hop routine! As a dance team coach myself, I was extremely excited about this surprise performance. While I can’t post any videos of their routine, I will say they are a “Rhythm Nation.”

In addition to competing in hip-hop, the dance team will also compete in pom. Last year, they placed 4th with their Pom routine and 2nd with their Hip Hop routine.

They perform in the pom division on Saturday at 10:41 AM. The finalist for pom will be announced at 11:30 AM. They perform their hip-hop routine that evening at 8:16 PM with the finalists being announced at 9:30 PM.

Be sure to follow @UDAnews to catch the dance team’s results!


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