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What’s wrong with Louisville signee Seygan Robins? Coach says absolutely nothing

Seygan Robins (Becky Holt Photo)


What’s wrong with Seygan Robins?

That’s a question I’ve been getting a lot lately about the Mercer County senior, so I thought why not ask Mercer coach Chris Souder.

“The only thing I would say is nothing. She is working on her shot on getting it up higher and off quicker, things they want her to do to get ready to play at Louisville next year. She’s not shot as well this year, but she’s playing just as hard and leading us in steals, deflections,” Souder said.

“She’s not scoring 30 a game, but there’s nothing wrong with her.”

Robins was named MVP of the Naples Holiday Shootout in Florida after leading her team to the title by averaging 26 points per game. She had 24 points in a win over Wesleyan Christian in Nashville Sunday and 16 against Hamilton Heights (Tenn.), one of the nation’s top teams, in a loss on Monday.

She’s averaging “only” 13 points per game this year and shooting 44 percent overall from the field and 29 percent from 3-point range. All those numbers are down from last year. Her free throw shooting — 73 percent — is also slightly down.

However, Mercer had won 17 straight games since opening the season with a loss to Riverdale (Teen.), the nation’s top-ranked team.

“Our team is so good she does not have to lead us in scoring or shots,” Souder said. “Against East Jessamine, she took two shots. Two shots. She wants to get everyone else involved. She doesn’t have to score 30 points for us to win. She doesn’t worry about scoring. She just plays hard.”

Souder laughs when someone asks him what’s wrong with his point guard. He’s not worried about her shot because she’s spending extra time in the gym as she works to make changes Louisville coach Jeff Walz and his staff want.

She was one of seven Kentucky players nominated for the McDonald’s All-American Game. None of the seven were named to the McDonald’s Game in Atlanta in March.

Robins also went into the season regarded as the leader for Miss Basketball honors. She’s the all-time leading scorer at Mercer and led the Titans to their first state title last year. They are ranked No. 1 in Kentucky again this year.

Souder says if her lack of scoring this year impacts the Miss Basketball voting, he’ll be disappointed but it won’t bother Robins.

“She is going to do what is best for the team. She has won a state championship, leads our team in a lot of categories and is the hardest worker on our team,” Souder said. “She is just the ultimate teammate and that’s why Jeff Walz wanted her on his team next year. She could get 35 a game and we could beat some bad teams by a lot. But that’s not what we are about and is not our goal or her goal. I think people who watch Seygan know what kind of player she is.

“If we are the overwhelming favorite in a game, she’s all about her teammates. In tough games, she goes into another gear for us. She always wants to get her teammates involved and I’m glad that’s the demeanor she has. She’s not afraid to guard the other team’s best player, either. So there’s nothing wrong with Seygan Robins other than she has been working on some things that Jeff Walz wants her to work on and I am good with that.”

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