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Calipari: “If you think there is no chance that we will not revert, you’re crazy.”

Hamidou Diallo (Jeff Houchin Photo)


Kentucky has won three straight games going into tonight’s home game against Mississippi. However, coach John Calipari says a step back is a distinct possibility for his team tonight.

“I have great kids who come from good homes. I’m just telling you, these kids, they’re trying. This is hard. They had to get smacked around a little bit. They had to get knocked down, and now they’re dealing with it,” Calipari said Tuesday.

“Now we have a tough one. We have a game coming up that it’s not the game, it’s us. (Mississippi) is good enough to beat us. They beat Missouri at Missouri. They had Tennessee – they lost by eight – and now they are coming here and a chance to play in Rupp. I know they are good enough to beat us. ”

So what’s the worry?

“I’m worried about where are we. Have we learned or will we revert? Now, if you think there is no chance that we will not revert, you’re crazy. You’re crazy. There’s a chance that we could revert. Let’s hope these guys learned a lesson and they didn’t like how that felt and they are going to come out and play,” Calipari said.

“I don’t even know if that is good enough to win, but you know what, I can deal with where we are as a team right now because we are getting better and they are about each other.”


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  1. Revert? Let’s hope now. Now is the time for this team to build on its recent gains and add to their momentum as the post season approaches.

    Being young is no longer an appropriate excuse.

    1. Amen Professor.

  2. Even the coach understands why some of us are not convinced yet. As for me, I remain guardedly optimistic.

  3. Calipari knows the pulse of the fan base much better than he wants anyone to understand. I believe many of his “basketball benny” remarks are guided by the fan base mood, of which he is keenly aware

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