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Calipari on UK players: “They want this. They want it for each other.”

John Calipari. (Jeff Houchin Photo)


Kentucky basketball fans are ready to panic after UK lost a third straight game at Texas A&M Saturday — and a fourth could be coming Wednesday at Auburn.

During his time at Kentucky, coach John Calipari had never lost three straight games until Saturday. His team is now tied fox SIXTH in the SEC after being picked to win the league.

So why does Calipari insist he is not going to panic?

“Because I’ve done this 30 years. I’ve I had been a two-year coach, I’d probably be panicking right now. But I’ve done this long enough and a big part of it is, they have to want this to happen and I believe they do and I believe they’re embarrassed by their play,” Calipari said after Saturday’s loss.

“I believe that. If I didn’t — and I told them, ‘if I want this worse than you want this, please tell me so I can start taking my wife to movies and dinners.’ They want this. They want it for each other. It’s just, a tough deal.”


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  1. What is the tough deal, Coach?

    Be specific. Inquiring minds want to know what these players consider the tough part of the deal UK has made with them?

    Is it that the BBN expects them to play hard?

    Is it that the BBN expects them to understand how the game is played at this level?

    Is it that the BBN reads the player reviews during recruiting and believe them, and cannot reconcile those reviews against what their collective weary old eyes are viewing?

    What is the tough part of the deal coach?

  2. If they think this is hard? Wait until the next level knocks them out completely. It is a step by step process and you cannot pass steps and be successful. Learn that now or struggle the rest of your life. Cal has a proven method and it is like these kids don’t care. They only want to do it their way.

    1. Ben, several of these players have been clear in their public statements that Calipari is telling them one thing but they are doing another.

      I have concluded this is an uncoachable group.

      1. That has happened way too many times this year Professor. I am with you

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