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Does Calipari enable his son, Brad?

Players react after Brad Calipari, left, made a 3 against Missouri. (Jeff Houchin Photo)


You’ve heard John Calipari talk a lot about players sometimes being enabled by those around them and that can conflict with what the coach is saying. He’s often also talked about the “great kids and parents they have” this year.

But what about walk-on Brad Calipari? Does Calipari enable his son at all?

“With Brad (Calipar)? You should be in practice; he doesn’t get enabled. He still mumbles under his breath. I said, ‘Say one more word and you’ll be out of here. Your mom ain’t here to protect you, son. You’re in here with me now,'” Calipari said Tuesday.

“Now, I get that she (Ellen Calipari) kissed me after he made his 3 (Saturday against Missouri). And the first thing she kissed me before her lips moved from mine she said, ’Why only one minute (of playing time for Brad?’ That’s what I deal with.

“I always said I wouldn’t recruit a player whose mother wears their son’s jersey. It’s my wife. I’ll tell you what, she’s a great mother. These kids when they call me, my daughters (will say), ‘Where’s mom?’ ‘Hello? It’s your dad. How are you?’ ‘Where’s mom?’

“He (Brad Calipari) comes over to the house. ‘Was Brad here? Where’d he go?’ ‘Well, he dropped his stuff off. He and I talked for a bit. He just left. ‘Maybe he should come say hello.’ ‘Well he sees you all the time.’ ”

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  1. Like I said, I can’t take much more than a min or two listening to Calipari’s BS.

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