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John Calipari: “I think we’re getting closer.”


What does John Calipari want to see out of his team?

That’s one of the questions he was asked after his team lost Wednesday night at Auburn, UK’s fourth straight loss that dropped the Cats to seventh in the SEC.

”We fought today, so—well, let me say this: They had three loose balls in the first half that we didn’t get and they were in our hands that they threw out for 3s. You’re not going to win,” Calipari said.

“There were some plays down the stretch, again, our ball, their ball. They’re coming up with them. But we fought today. I thought we did. I’ll watch the tape.

“We did some good stuff. We’re trying to figure out again how we need to play. I like where we have a different kind of team in there and how we’re playing. I think we’re getting closer. We’ll just see.”

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  1. Cal is right, they did some good things up until about 10 minutes to go and then they reverted back to what they know…let me shoot or I won’t play defense or rebound. This is all about their mindset and obviously they don’t think this is so bad. There will not be a first round pick from this team and I doubt there will be more than 2 second round picks. The real question is what happens this summer. They can hit the weight room, get stronger and add some bulk. They can work on their passing and rebounding fundamentals and be ready to play team ball next year. Or they can still delude themselves with dreams of the NBA and be the same dysfunction bunch that they are now. Time will tell.

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