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Killeya-Jones found way to honor his grandfather’s memory

Sacha Killeya-Jones at Missouri. (Vicky Graff Photo)


As much as we tend to forget, major college athletes are also dealing with many of the same life issues as many others.

Kentucky sophomore Sacha Killeya-Jones had to cope with the recent death of his grandfather when UK played at Missouri Saturday. He played well — and scored four points while hitting two field goals in a game where UK had trouble scoring.

He put his grandfather’s name on his shoes to honor him during the game.

“My grandfather was really big for me growing up. He was always there for me and he was one of my biggest fans. I learned a lot from him. He was a really important person in my life and he passed a couple of nights ago,” Killeya-Jones said Monday.

“It was big for me to try and do something to honor him and bring him on the court with me. It’s just to honor him.”

As someone who has lost his father, I appreciate Killeya-Jones’ gesture. I am sure his father did as well because it’s hard to lose a grandfather, but it’s even harder to lose a father.

The Kentucky sophomore knew his entire family appreciated what he did.
My grandma definitely appreciated it and my father as well. Like I said, that’s just something for my family and it’s just me trying to honor my grandfather,” Killeya-Jones said.

“He was a great person and everything and I want him on the court.”

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