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Mitchell says Alyssa Rice an “amazing” person

Alyssa Rice (Vicky Graff Photo)

Senior Alyssa Rice will play her final home game at Kentucky Sunday when UK hosts Mississippi State.

Here’s what coach Matthew Mitchell said about his senior center today:

“She’s been one of the more amazing people to come through just because of the depth she has as a person. She has been of the most balanced people, and one of the people that have come in and taken advantage of what the program really offers. You can look in every way imaginable. She’s grown.

“Her mom and dad are two of the finest people that I know and have raised a wonderful family. Alyssa just came to us as a real high character young woman. She has always cared about other people and has always shown great work ethic. In the classroom, she’s been amazing. She’s been a leader for us in the community and given back to others.

“Her game has really improved from the day she walked in the door to the day she’ll walk out. She has applied herself in every area. One of the people over the years who would never be afraid to come to me and say, ‘Hey, this is what’s going on and whether it’s good or bad, I need your help on this.’

“I always felt like I had a great line of communication. Her teammates would send her when they needed something. She was always that person. We’ve always been able to communicate with each other. The support and loyalty that she showed in that difficult end to the 2016 season. Those folks and those kids, and she’s one of them that will stick in my mind and my heart forever because that was a really difficult time, and Alyssa and the loyalty and support and energy that she gave. Her parents were just rock solid and terrific people.

“She’s someone we’re real proud of. She’ll be a product of the program that we will share with others and this is what you can accomplish and this is what you can do. I can’t think of many finer people that I’ve encountered on my coaching journey than Alyssa Rice.”

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