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Receivers coach Michael Smith wants players to be better than him


One thing that new Kentucky receivers coach Michael Smith and former UK receivers coach Lamar Thomas have in common is their sideline demeanor.

“I’m very enthusiastic. You’ll seeing me running up and down the sideline. I jump a lot. I think I’m a coach players can relate to, being a former wide receiver,” White said Monday.

Like Thomas did, White tries to remember how young his players are and understand their position.

“If they knew everything I wouldn’t have a job. I try and step back and look at it from their lenses and then tell them that I’ve been through this, so this is how they should do it,” White said.

“If you do it this way, you’ll have the success that you want. I always tell kids that say they want to be like me when they grow up that they don’t want to be like me, they want to be better than me.

“Because if you’re better than me you had a pretty good life because I’ve been blessed.”


  1. UK has to have a qb that Gran trusts to throw the ball. Anything under 65% completion rate won’t get it done. Last year, UK completed 59.8% of there passes and averaged a measly 7 yards per attempt. That doesn’t win many games against good competition. This new qb coming in, that UK coaches had seemed to define as the starter, was even worse that Stephen Johnson with his completion rate. I don’t see this situation getting better, but I hope I am wrong. I also see another qb leaving UK after the spring practices. I don’t think Gunner will sit on the bench and watch another year of the “Elliot Uzelac” offense.

  2. I like Coach Smith’s attitude. He should be a great addition to the staff.

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