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Rick Pitino: “My heart is broken and shattered.”

Rick Pitino (Vicky Graff Photo)


Rick Pitino showed little remorse and continued to maintain his innocence today during a press conference he held in New York to express his dissatisfaction with the NCAA’s decision to make Louisville vacate the 2013 national championship it won with him as coach.

I didn’t watch on the press conference on TV, but here’s a few Pitino remarks I did hear:

— “To say I’m disappointed with the NCAA appeals ruling would be a gross understatement. I hope Louisville will not give up its fight and follow suit by taking this injustice to the courts and filing an injunction for that banner not to come down.”

— “In 40 years of coaching, I have never been involved, directly or indirectly, in any effort to pay any money or extend any improper benefit to any recruit or recruit’s family members or representatives.”

—“ How do you take down a championship? They’ve earned it. You need to get an injunction. The NCAA, they have total autonomy. I’m sure Notre Dame is not going to let it happen, and neither should the University of Louisville, in my opinion. I wish I could do it. Unfortunately, I’m defenseless.”

— “The NCAA cannot rewrite history by taking a banner down. Our players won those games by outplaying outstanding opponents. And to say I’m proud would also be an understatement.”

— “Did a few of them partake in parties they didn’t organize? Yes they did. But that had nothing to do with an extra benefit, nothing to do with helping their eligibility or performance in winning that championship. My heart is broken and shattered for them, our fans and a great university …”


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  1. Pitino? Does the guy ever take responsibility for what happened on his watch? NO!!!!The guy is so full of himself he makes it difficult for anybody too feel any sort of pity for him at all, Him and Jurich both. They have nobody to blame but themselves. They were paid well to run a clean program. They finally got exposed, and paid the price. They didn’t know all this was going on? Yeah right.

    Now NCAA, hang your heads in shame for not putting the UNC Cheaters under the gun too. Just extremely biased oversight by the NCAA’s investigative arm, and this cheating happened for years too. Disgraceful is putting it mildly. Dean Smith was apparently a cheating fraud and got away with it. Old Roy too it seems.

  2. I don’t see where UL players received anymore extra benefits than UNC players. UNC cheated for decades and the NCAA turned their back. Neither case was about academics, as the NCAA said about UNC, they were both about recruiting players, but UNC was about keeping them eligible.

  3. Pitino does not know the meaning of shame.

    1. Professor I fear you are right about this

  4. If you ask me I think the whole college basketball world is a shame after today’s news.

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