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Wenyen Gabriel: “The losses aren’t going kill you.”

Wenyen Gabriel (Vicky Graff Photo)


Going into tonight’s game at Texas A&M, Kentucky has lost two games in a row and will be trying to avoid becoming the first team under coach John Calipari to lose three games in a row.

“My mind is always on March. Every day, every game is on March,” Kentucky sophomore Wenyen Gabriel said. “The losses aren’t gonna kill you, but we just have to focus on where we’re going to be at during March.

“We just have to get better every day. We have to stay positive there’s no time to dig yourself into a deeper hole than you need to be.”

Social media has almost buried Kentucky at times, something Gabriel says players have tried to avoid.

“Of course you hear it, but you try to block it out. When you come to the team, you try to stay positive and focus on moving forward. The future is not going to be in the past,” Gabriel said.

What about the possibility of a historic three-game losing skid under Calipari?

“We should always have a lot going into every game. Obviously, the last game hurt and even the game before. So yes, the losses hurt, but we just use that as motivation,” Gabriel said. “We don’t look it at as the streak, never lost three in a row. That’s not how we look at it. But every game should be a different challenge.”

Freshman Kevin Knox said the players aren’t going to panic over losses at Missouri and then Tennessee at home.

“We’ve all lost games throughout our whole lives so we just know we’ve got to be able to prepare for the next game. Be able to move on, focus on the next game,” Knox said.

“I think the big thing with us is just making sure we stay focused, prepare because this is a hard conference and with a young team were going to experience some tough losses. Make sure that we stay positive and we just keep moving on.”


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  1. Coach Calipari need to impose a gag order on every player on this team, and keep them away from the cameras and microphones, and keep them away from journalists with notepad, pens, pencils, or any means to record their words.

    Show us boys, don’t tell us.

  2. And again professor it maybe the best thing they did talk to the media get it off there chest and mind.

  3. Yawn…

  4. All they are accomplishing with these type of comments is proving that there is a major problem within this team. Keep you mouth shut and at least leave an element of doubt about such matters.

    1. The Professor is right.

  5. Seems a little too easy with losing! Need more fight from these guys. OH Well! Hope we can savage some type of season. GO CATS!!!

  6. This 2017-18 team is a very poor representation of what it means to suit-up in Kentucky Blue & White.
    To my shock and amazement, Coach Calipari appears to be feeding excuses to the players and making excuses to the fans. The apparent apathy is just bizarre.

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