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Why didn’t Sacha Killeya-Jones play?


Sacha Killeya-Jones missed Kentucky’s loss at Texas A&M Saturday to attend his grandfather’s funeral.

He was with Kentucky at Auburn Wednesday night, but didn’t play again.

Why not?

”I told him prior to the game I’d probably go small. So I told him prior, I said, ‘Nick (Richards), you and Sacha, I’m just going to tell you right now, if I think we’re better playing a smaller lineup…’” coach John Calipari said.

“Because they’re not the physical—like what Texas A&M is is physical. So those two guys being there (for A&M) really bothered these guys. Those two are not that way. So now all of a sudden, their physique, Auburn’s, they way they play against those two I didn’t like that.

“But I liked PJ (Washington) and I liked Jarred (Vanderbilt).”


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  1. Sasha happens to be the most efficient player on this year’s roster, but what do I know, I’m just a basketball benny, subject of 9 years of Calipari’s condescension.

    1. I was wondering the same thing regarding Sasha.

  2. I just don’t understand why we never try and post up our taller players on our opponents shorter players on a consistent basis. We stand around way too much, no ball movement to get the defense out of position and then attack the rim.

    1. do you believe Coach Calipari has forgotten how to do these things?

      I do not believe that, so I am left with limited alternative conclusions.

      1. These players simply do not get it.
      2. These players understand it but will not do it.

      For me, it boils down to these players.

      1. No I don’t think he has forgotten anything, but I do believe as you do, that these players aren’t retaining the coaching. And for whatever reason, they cannot translate what they’ve learned in practice to the games on their schedule.

        I feel as if some of the players have tuned Coach Cal out. Which would be a shame if they are doing that.

        1. Several players have said they have tuned Calipari out. It is disgusting to hear these comments from so many of these players.

          1. it has been distressing. Even Calipari said last night he thought players were not listening. Cannot remember that before

            • skyzoo5 on February 16, 2018 at 1:56 pm

            As an athlete that is total disrespect in my opinion and coupled with my military background I would not take it. I know this may rub some people wrong, but I would sit everyone that isn’t listening/giving total effort down on the doggon bench!!! Heck we are losing with them anyway!!!

    2. Small ball only works when the opposing team doesn’t take advantage of their height. When Joe Hall was coach, he always ran his offense through his bigs. Today, guards in general and also with our team have decided they will do most of the shooting and the bigs simply disengage from the game. Tom Izzo will not tolerate players doing their own thing…they do what they’re told or they sit on the bench for games at a time.

  3. SKJ and Richards are two of the most efficient players on this team, yet they are involved in the offense the least. You have Gabriel and Diallo jacking up 3’s and they would struggle to hit 20-25%. I put that on the coach for allowing this type of play. If you have to play the bench and walkons to get the ones that listen, that is what you do. Make your point of listening to the coach early in the year and you don’t have these problems 3/4 of way through the season. Like I have said before, if you are having to explain and request “team” play this late in the season, you are recruiting and/or playing the wrong players. I would rather watch a walkon give all he has and listen to the coach, than a 5* that doesn’t understand effort and only plays for himself.

  4. They just don’t care. Their body language and lack of movement are on display every game. Why do we always start a game with the “what am I doing here” appearance? Last night they came out and had 2 turnovers in less than 2 mins. and started jacking up bricks and GAME. We don’t have anyone that can shoot jump shots with consistency.

    1. I hate to think they don’t care but at times it sure looks that way

      1. If that’s the case Cal needs to set down all the starters and let the bench players play. I rather take a loss by the players that will listen.

        1. Cats79, I agree 100% with you!!! Some of these Cats don’t fight for nothing!!! At least show some damn fight and compassion for the game and the name on the front of the jersey!!!!

  5. Jeff Goodman might be a mother trucker but man did he give a good, accurate analysis of where we are.

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